Homes for the Holidays

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“It was so amazing to say that we actually helped build our home and that the very nails that hold it together were driven in by our hands! I love that each of my children have a room and space of their own, and that we get to grow as a family here. Homeownership has drastically changed my life. The obvious being that my home is affordable and large enough to accommodate my family. We are not just in a house, we are in a home.”

 “I did all my sweat equity at the ReStore. For me, it was a lot of fun. Homeownership gives a sense of being part of the community and belonging. It is our home and we take pride in the upkeep, which means the children are learning to work together to accomplish tasks, both inside and out. The children feel grounded. This is their home and space. It’s where we have our good times and not so good times, but it is always home.”

“My favorite part of sweat equity was the fact I was able to help build our home. I like the responsibility of being a homeowner and knowing at the end of the day I am going home. I have learned to manage finances better and my children have become more responsible.

For many, a home means safety, stability, and security for a bright future. Husbands and wives are working full time, often taking on more than one job just to put food on the table and keep the lights on. Often, they live in homes that are falling apart, riddled with maintenance problems that impact the children’s health. The cold night air comes in through drafty windows.

Everyone needs a foundation to build a future. Every home is a building block. Every home improvement gives children a better chance for a stronger future. Every donation helps a family help themselves and their families.

 You cannot change all the problems in the world, but you can make this one difference.

Your donation will change the living situation of a family in need. It will give a family a strong foundation! What is awesome is the first $3k in donation will be matched by our sponsors below.

By giving a generous gift of $35, $20, or even $15 today to Habitat’s 2019 Holiday Fund, your donation will do twice as much. You will make our generous sponsors overjoyed!!!


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