Other Ways of Giving


The Greatest Need

Cash gifts provide HFHMCO with resources to purchase building materials while providing a donor with an immediate charitable deduction for the amount of the gift.  With your donation directed to “the greatest need”, you not only make a clear and powerful statement that everyone deserves an affordable and safe place to live here in Miami County, OH, but you also make that a reality in a very big way.  By submitting your gift through our secure online donation system, you help us and the thousands of volunteers involved in building homes ensure families in need have a roof over their head this year. Check out the donation page for more information.


Employer Matching Gift Programs

Ever wish you could make your gift dollars go further?  You can – through your company’s matching gift program.  Thousands of companies, small and large, have matching gift programs which double or even triple individual, tax-deductible contributions made by their employees.  Your employer may be one of them!  The process is simple: ask if your company has a Matching Gift program.  If so, obtain a matching gift form from your personnel office or matching gift coordinator, fill it out completely and send it along with your contribution to:

Habitat for Humanity of Miami County, OH
Attn: Development Department
150 E/ Race Street
Troy, OH 45373

We will complete the form and submit it to your employer.  It’s as easy as that! Your gift and your company’s matching contribution will help HFHMCO reach our goal of eliminating substandard housing.  You can help make a difference!


Gifts of Stock

With more than 60 percent of Americans owning securities, individuals are making stock gifts, which provide income tax deductions for the full value of the gift while avoiding the potential tax on capital gains.  Donors must notify HFHMCO that a gift of securities has been made and request his or her broker perform an electronic transfer using the following information:

DTC Number:
Account Name:
Account Number:
Legal Name & Address: Habitat for Humanity of Miami County, OH, Inc.
Tax ID Number: 35-1715910

For information about donating securities, please contact the Resource Development Chairperson.


Third Party Fundraiser

HFHMCO has a history of directly benefiting from third party events in the past and is a great way to get more public interest in your next event.  HFHMCO is a highly respected organization in Miami County and has many strong supporters who enjoy participating and supporting HFHMCO in various ways.
If you are interested in having HFHMCO be a beneficiary of your next event, please contact the Resource Development Chairperson.


Gifts of Real Estate and Property

Gifts of real estate and property helps HFHMCO build more homes.  Outright gifts of property, such as undeveloped land, or real estate, including a second home or vacation property that is not mortgaged and has appreciated in value, allows a donor to deduct the fair market value of the gift and avoid all capital gains taxes.  Retained gifts, such as a personal residence or farm, allows a donor to continue using the property for their lifetime while receiving a charitable deduction based on life expectancy and property value.
For more information, please contact the Resource Development Chairperson.


Donate Building Materials & Services

The generous contribution of construction materials and professional services allows Habitat for Humanity to stretch each dollar further and build more homes.

We are currently seeking the following new and services for our homes:

  • Vinyl low-E windows
  • Energy Star Washers and dryers
  • Energy Star Dishwashers
  • Range hoods or micro-hoods
  • Drywall
  • Blown-in insulation
  • Energy Star Gas furnaces & water heaters
  • Kitchen & bathroom cabinets
  • Laminate flooring & linoleum
  • Licensed, bonded plumbing installation
  • Licensed, bonded HVAC installation
  • Professional mud and taping

Because Habitat for Humanity of Miami County, OH is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit, each material donation is tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.

If you have a large volume of materials that you would like to donate, or are doing a remodel and have surplus items in good condition, visit the Habitat ReStore for more information

To donate new building materials or volunteer your professional skills, please contact our Construction Committee Chairperson.


Planned Giving

You can make a lasting difference in your community by making a planned gift to Habitat for Humanity of Miami County (HFHMCO).  Planned gifts enable our affiliate to develop bold strategies for the future and take advantage of opportunities to make the greatest impact. As you plan for your future and reflect on the legacy you will leave behind, consider the following ways you can strengthen Miami County, OH families and communities through a partnership with HFHMCO.

Planned Giving Options

There are a number of tax-advantaged ways in which people can provide needed support for Habitat for Humanity of Miami County, OH while enriching their lives through philanthropic activity.

There are three types of planned gifts: the first is current outright gifts, the second are revocable deferred benefits and the third are irrevocable deferred benefits.

  • Bequests
  • Charitable Gift Annuity
  • Charitable Lead Trust
  • Charitable Remainder Trust
  • Current Outright Gifts: stock, real estate, and tangible personal property
  • Endowments
  • Irrevocable Deferred Gifts
  • Life Insurance
  • Memorial Gifts
  • Pooled Income Fund
  • Retirement Plans and IRAs
  • Revocable Deferred Benefits

Our Resource Development staff will be glad to assist you and answer your questions about giving opportunities and needs of HFHMCO. Please consult your attorney or financial professional for the benefits of each gift type.

Habitat for Humanity of Miami County, OH is incorporated as a tax-exempt, non-profit organization 501(c) (3) with the Federal Tax Identification #31-1352522. All donations are tax-deductible.

Donor Privacy Policy: Habitat for Humanity of Miami County, OH is firmly committed to donors’ privacy. We will neither sell nor share any of our donor lists.
To discuss your planned giving options please contact our Resource Development Chairperson.


Honorary & Memorial Donations

Donation In Memory

Do something special in honor of a loved one to ensure that a deserving partner family will directly benefit from your generosity. Your gift can be made as a memorial to a friend or loved one. It will be acknowledged to their family at your direction. Check out the donation page for more information.

Donation In Honor

Celebrate a birthday, anniversary or simply pay tribute to friends and family by making a gift to strengthen the community. Check out the donation page for more information and/or contact the Resource Development Chairperson.