How to Qualify

Do I have need?

  • Currently renting over the past 18+ months
  • First time homebuyer living in Miami County

Do I meet the credit qualifications?

  • Consistent & on-time payment history (rent, utilities, loans)
  • Judgment’s and liens must be released
  • Bankruptcies must be discharged for at least two years
  • Collections must be able to be paid off in less than one year

Do I meet the income qualifications?

  • Stable income for the past two years
  • What counts as income? Food Stamps, Social Security, Disability, Consistent Child Support, Retirement, etc.
  • What does not count as income? TANF, AFDC, Unemployment
  • Gross annual combined household income must meet the local median income guidelines.

Are you willing to partner?

  • 400 hours of education, community service, and home construction