Vendors & Contractors


It takes a talented team of people for a Habitat house to come together, and trades people play an important role on every project. Professionals perform several skilled tasks on Habitat houses: excavation, foundation work, mechanical systems, roofing, insulation, interior finishes (drywall, floor coverings), guttering, some carpentry, and various other tasks.

Every year Habitat is fortunate to have several professionals and licensed professionals that donate their time and/or materials to contribute towards building a home. Many companies see this as a tangible way that they can make a positive impact on Indianapolis, and long-lasting and personal impression on a family’s future.
If you or your company would like to donate goods or services to forward the mission of Habitat for Humanity please contact HFHMCO.


For projects that do not have donated services, Habitat utilizes paid subcontractors. Habitat for Humanity will be inviting contractors that are interested in work to bid for work in FY 2014. Any company that hasn’t worked with Habitat before must submit a Contractor Application in order to be eligible for bidding.



Piqua Lumber

Bud Polley's

Ernst Concrete