Campus Chapters

Campus Chapter Habitat for Humanity Troy

A campus chapter is an unincorporated, student-run, student-led organization that partners with a local Habitat affiliate to perform four main functions:

  • Building
  • Fundraising
  • Advocating
  • Educating

Campus chapters are located at a variety of educational institutions. The size of the school, the composition of the student body, the school’s geographic location, and the location of the nearest Habitat affiliate are all factors that define and influence each chapter.

Campus chapters, as organizations, typically experience frequent change and growth as the level of student interest fluctuates, as individuals with different areas of expertise and interest come and go, and as the type and amount of available resources change. In addition, a wide range of external factors, such as the local economy and the environment, also play a role in each chapter’s life.

Despite the many variables that affect a chapter’s character, all campus chapters must operate within the guidelines set forth in Habitat’s mission, the Campus Chapters covenant and the individual chapter’s bylaws.